Thursday, July 19, 2012


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "What products should I use on my skin to prevent wrinkles?" I think people are expecting a magical answer when its simple...SPF. The problem is young people only think about their skin now instead of in 20 years. I know a lot of people feel sexier when they have a tan however the result shows in your skin as you age and can even be detrimental. It is easier to prevent sun damage than to try and fix it later.

Here is the good news...You can still have a sun kissed glow without the harmful sun rays...

I recently had the opportunity to get a spray tan by Misti Eveland. Misti with Beauty by Misti is incredible with her customized spray tans. Misti spray tanned my sister and me for an event that we were attending and I must say we felt fabulous!!

Misti uses a product called Aurycle Tan and it is a chemical free, animal cruelty free, vegan, and is an organic product.

Misti offers a variety of packages at her salon and will even travel to your home for a more private setting.

Misti customizes every tan she does and personalizes her tans with an airbrush application. The tan takes about 20 minutes to apply and can last 7-10 days with proper maintenance.

I absolutly loved my spray tan and will include a couple shots of my sister and I from our night out on the town.

I would still recommend applying sun screen every day. Almost every makeup and skin care line sells a product with spf. I personally get my sunscreen from my moisturizer and then I layer my makeup on top of that. If I want more of a sun kissed glow I use a bronzer.

If you are already experiencing sun damage I love and would recommend the Clarisonic Brush with whatever skin care line you are currently using.

You can contact Misti through FACEBOOK
or you can email her at 503-329-2452

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  1. What a couple of stunning girls...Austie bein my oldest !!!!! Bless their hearst!!!