Monday, September 17, 2012


I recently had the privilege to be shot and interviewed by my sweet friend Christine Shields.

Monday, September 3, 2012



I am so excited about some of the Fall 2012 makeup trends I am seeing. I am not going to lie I was IN LOVE with the Top Knot and bright lips for Spring/Summer. However I am saying out with the old in with the new.

The biggest trend I am seeing for Fall is DARK CHERRY LIPS. I think there are two ways you can wear this look for a bold yet sophisticated style.

The first is the bold lip with a dark smokey eye or at least a very thick wing liner...

The second way which is my personal favorite is to pair the bold lip with a natural contoured eye and tons of mascara. This look gives definition to the eyes and cheeks but really allows the lips to be the focus. I personally LOVE the runway version with the super thick "twiggy" lashes.

* A great way to get this look is to use a skin colored blush 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. You can use the blush not only for contouring the cheeks but also to contour the eyes.

* Apply your crease color with a dome shaped fluffy contouring brush. I start in the outer corner of the eye and move my brush back and forth creating a half moon shape. You can highlight the brow bone and this will also help blend your crease seamlessly. You can also use this shade on the high planes of your cheeks to create highlight above your contour.

* Use a smudging brush to apply it under the eyes. This will give you that gorgeous natural lived in makeup look under the eyes. If you want the super dramatic lashes put a thick coat on with the tip of the applicator brush let it fully dry and then apply a second coat. If you have limp or straight lashes don't forget to curl your lashes before you apply your mascara.

* Once you have chosen your favorite lipstick make sure to purchase a matching lip pencil and possibly a lip primer to avoid from bleeding. Apply your lip pencil first and make sure to fill in your lips lightly so that the lipstick can just glide over the top. If you are wanting to use gloss you only need a little in the center of the bottom lip so that you can avoid excess bleeding.

*finish by using a concealer brush and a little finishing powder around the lips to erase any mes-ups. This will also help your lips pop!

Please check out my pinterest board for more "FALL 2012 MAKEUP". I would recommend visiting your favorite makeup store to try out a couple different shades. The same color is not going to work for everyone and its okay to be versatile depending on your ethnicity, coloring, features, age, profession, etc.

I think this makeup trend is going to be super versatile for any fall outfit. Remember ladies there is no reward without the risk. I always get the most compliments when I step out of my comfort zone and rock it. We are strong, bold, exciting, and courageous so go bold or go home this Fall.